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SINCE 1942


In 1942, Abe and Joe Malooley embarked on a journey that would shape our family's legacy for generations to come. With unwavering determination, they purchased The Saratoga Bar and Café nestled at the corner of 5th and Wabash in downtown Terre Haute. Little did they know, this humble establishment would become a cherished cornerstone of the community.


As years passed, Abe's daughter, Cathy, and her husband George Azar, continued the tradition infusing their own passion and dedication into the restaurant fabric. In addition to upholding the legacy of The Saratoga, Cathy, and George expanded their culinary reach by establishing Azar's catering service and hosting numerous events. However, in 2022, they decided to refocus solely on The Saratoga, paving the way for the next chapter.

A restaurant rarely survives 80 years at the same location with the same family of owners.

- Cathy Malooley Azar

Enter Alexis Azar Green, their daughter, who had grown up immersed in the restaurant's culture. Initially pursuing a career in school psychology, Alexis found herself drawn back to The Saratoga when circumstances led her to assume leadership during her parents' vacation. That pivotal week solidified her commitment to continuing the family legacy, and she bid farewell to graduate school to fully dedicate herself to the restaurant.


As time progressed, Alexis' husband, Dustin Green, joined the fold, infusing his culinary expertise as the kitchen manager since 2019. Together, Alexis and Dustin have embraced the responsibility of carrying forward The Saratoga's traditions while embracing innovation to keep pace with a rapidly changing society.


While Cathy and George may never truly retire from The Saratoga, Alexis and Dustin have assumed many responsibilities, ensuring their predecessors can relish the fruits of their labor and enjoy life's adventures. We believe in honoring tradition while embracing modernity, proud to be The Saratoga—where trend meets tradition.

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